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Sheehan Adopt-a-Family is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization based in Manhattan Beach, CA. Our main goal is to intervene in meaningful ways to help reduce the staggering amount of homelessness in Los Angeles, where over 30,000 people sleep on the streets every night. Specifically, we adopt sheltered and needy families during the holidays providing them with toys, clothes & food and are also building a computer lab for some of LA’s most at-risk youth.

Vista Del Mar Partnership

According to the US News, youths make up the fastest growing homeless age group in LA, with those ages 18-24 up 64% since 2016. This shocking statistic helped us determine a real connection between homelessness and aging out of the foster care system. This led to us reaching out to 100-year-old Vista Del Mar, home to some of LA’s most at-risk youth. In March of 2018 we opened a brand new computer lab and began a computer skills training & mentorship program for the 46 youth residents at Vista Del Mar.

With Your Help

Thanks to the support of many people, including former NFL star Troy Polamalu, SAF has been fortunate enough to help thousands of families in the surrounding Los Angeles area, and now will be directly supporting some of LA’s most at-risk youth with our partnership with Vista Del Mar. Our family absorbs the administrative costs of our organization so that 100% of your donations goes directly to those in need.

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SAF has partnered with a long standing local charity called The Vikings who since 1950 have raised millions of dollars focusing on physically challenged and disadvantaged children, giving more than $5 million to children's causes. Each Christmas in conjunction with the L.A. Sheriff’s Department, they distribute over 1,500 food baskets to needy families in Los Angeles, and they give 25 of those baskets to SAF for our “adopted” families. In addition, The Vikings invite our adopted families to their annual children’s holiday party, where there is a catered lunch, dancing, pictures with Santa & 10 unwrapped toys. SAF has also expanded its reach to partner with a local group home to build a computer lab and mentoring program for its youth residents. SAF is very excited about this new partnership and needs your help and financial donations to help us grow our non-profit from not just adopting families, but adopting a home. If you are interested in volunteering in anyway, please Sign up on our volunteer form here!

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To make an online donation, please visit our donation page!You can also mail donations the Sheehan Adopt a Family Project (SAF) at - Rosecrans Avenue, Suite D360, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 or for In-Kind donations and to volunteer or for more information please contact us at (310) 435-9808 or safprojectorg@gmail.com . All donations are 501©(3) deductions.

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